by Toshiyasu Morita (TMorita on the Ezone and Ikarus BBS) and Mark Pearson (MRP on the Ezone and HeliSpot BBS)

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Many thanks to all the people on the Ezone forums and the Ikarus BBS who have posted many helpful messages - many of these tips were taken from these excellent discussion forums!

This was originally a "Heli FAQ" suggested by Fred Bronk, but it grew into much more than a FAQ - so now it's called the Electric Helicopter Beginner's Guide.

This guide assumes some prior R/C experience, such as R/C planes or cars. Therefore, it doesn't explain terms such as "servo" or the correct orientation for servo plugs, etc. If you need these questions answered, I recommend asking in the "Beginner Training Area" on RC Groups .

Be sure to check the glossary section at the end if you encounter terms which you don't know, such as swashplate, collective pitch, etc.


Use this information at your own risk! I make no guarantees as to the validity of any of this information! If in doubt, double-check!