Chapter 30. Electric Helicopter & Parts Vendors

These are vendors which are mentioned frequently on various popular Internet discussion forums. I do not necessarily endorse any vendors on this list. For brevity, any e-heli vendors who also stock servos/motors/etc. will not be listed again in the servos/motors/etc. section.

Lite Machines Corona and replacement parts

Mikado Logo 10

Ikarus ECO Piccolo and Piccolo Fun

Ikarus ECO 8/16

Viper 70/90

MS Composit Hornet & Hornet II

Maxir SE

Robbe Eolo R22

Quick EP 10 & Sweet 16

Feda Skylark/Century Hummingbird/GWS Dragonfly

Protech Zoom 400/Evoflight Shogun/Zap 400

Align T-rex 450X/450XL

ARK X-400

Motor vendors

ESC vendors

Servo vendors

Batteries and related supplies

BEC manufacturers

Main rotor blades

Carbon fiber tubes and rods

Other suppliers

Hobby associations

Useful webpages & Forums



Helicopter theory