Chapter 27. Maintenance & Crash Repair

Table of Contents

27.1. Brushed motors w/carbon brushes
27.2. Main rotor shaft bearings
27.3. Tail rotor shaft bearings
27.4. Tail belt tension
27.5. Battery retaining o-rings
27.6. Main rotor blades
27.7. Corona specific maintenance
27.8. Piccolo specific maintenance
27.9. ECO 8/16 specific maintenance

27.1. Brushed motors w/carbon brushes

After every ten flights or so, the carbon dust should be blown out of the motor with compressed air and the commutator checked to see if it is clean. If the motor is assembled with screws and the commutator is dirty, disassemble the motor and burnish the commutator with some extra fine steel wool or 1000-1200 grit sandpaper.