Chapter 26. Your First Major Crash


"There are two kinds of helicopter pilots: those who have crashed, and those who will crash."

 --probably a paraphrasing of a motorcycle quote

Your first major crash is the hardest crash, psychologically. My informal guess is over 80% of the people who "give up" on R/C helicopters do so after their first major crash.

However, everyone crashes. Even the best helicopter pilots such as Curtis Youngblood and Alan Szabo have crashed in public, and have been recorded on tape.

If you can get past the first major crash, then your chance of succeeding is fairly good.

Your helicopter may look like a pretzel. However, most helicopter crashes look much worse than they actually are. Also, if you have bought from a reputable dealer, than they will stock every single part of the helicopter individually, and you should be able to buy every single replacement part.

If the replacement cost of the individual parts exceeds the cost of a new kit, then you should buy a new kit and use the parts from the kit. This is rather rare, though.