20.4. Figure eights

This is a combination of the forward flight and banked turn skills.

This is a bit tricky on the Corona because it does not turn well when the main rotor is throttled down, because the tail rotor is also throttled down. If you try to do turns when the tail is throttled down, it will turn very slowly then snap into position when the helicopter enters forward flight.

To do proper figure eights on the Corona, you will need to throttle up slightly when entering turns to ensure the tail has enough authority to turn the Corona, and throttle down slightly when exiting the turn and entering the forward flight section.

Practice easy figure eights first where the heli turns tail-in at both ends of the figure eight. Once you are comfortable with these, try the hard figure eights where the heli turns nose-in towards you. BE SURE to attempt the nose-in turns at a reasonable distance from yourself to avoid hitting yourself with the helicopter!

For added complexity, try doing a pirouette or two in the middle of the forward flight section of the figure-eight.