Chapter 16. Helicopter Power-On/Power-Off Procedure

Table of Contents

16.1. Helicopter power-on procedure
16.2. Helicopter power-off procedure
16.3. Safety notes

16.1. Helicopter power-on procedure

  1. First, if you are at a flying field, follow the appropriate procedures for reserving your transmitter channel. Depending on the field, this procedure may be similar to placing a pin on a frequency board.

  2. Ensure your helicopter is not powered up, and carry it to the flying spot.

  3. Fully extend the transmitter antenna.

  4. Turn on the transmitter and wait for it to start transmitting.

  5. Make sure the throttle stick is fully down.

  6. Turn on the Throttle Hold switch.

  7. Make sure the transmitter is transmitting again, then connect helicopter battery.

    If you connect the helicopter battery without the transmitter sending a signal, the ESC may go to full throttle which may maim you and/or nearby people.

    Make sure you do not bump the helicopter or the rudder stick while connecting the battery because this can affect the gyro initialization.

  8. Perform a radio range check.

  9. Walk to where you plan to stand.

  10. Make sure the throttle is fully down again.

  11. Turn off the Throttle Hold switch.

  12. You are now ready to fly.