Chapter 13. R/C Heli Rules & Tips

Table of Contents

13.1. The proper way to carry a heli
13.2. Avoid pointing the transmitter antenna at the helicopter
13.3. The blades are traveling at high velocity!
13.4. Always disconnect the battery when working on the helicopter
13.5. Liability insurance

13.1. The proper way to carry a heli

The proper way to carry a heli is by the blade grip. The blade grip carries the weight of the heli during flight and is designed to hold the weight of the heli.

You should hold the blade grip as if you were holding a flashlight. Your thumb should be on top of the blade grip, and the fingers curled under.

You should avoid touching the blades, especially if they are woodies. The trailing edge of wooden blades are made from soft balsa and will crumble very easily.

Also, be sure to keep your fingers away from the control linkages to avoid bending the control rods and changing the tracking of the blades.