12.22. Blade tracking - FP helicopters

The Corona does not need blade tracking adjustments if you used two 4 degree blade grips. The head mechanics are very stiff and fairly precise which simplifies setup considerably. If you used one 4 degree and one 6 degree blade grip, you should follow the manual directions to set blade tracking.

The Piccolo FP has a soft rotor head and therefore the tracking is frequently off. This is especially bad because bad tracking steals a lot of power in micro helicopters. To check the blade tracking on a Piccolo, temporarily put a piece of bright colored tape on the leading edge of one of the rotor blades. This will cause the blades to be unbalanced but don't worry about this for now. Just remember to remove the tape after tracking the blades. You need this tape to determine which blade is higher or lower when checking the tracking.

Apply throttle and look at the rotor blades from exactly the side. If both rotor blades are spinning exactly in the same plane and look like this: -o- then no adjustments are needed.

If both rotor blades are not tracking in the same plane and look like this: >< then the blades are not tracking properly and require adjustment.

The tracking of the stock Piccolo FP blades can be adjusted by holding the blade firmly at the root and twisting the blade at the widest point. Be sure not to twist the rotor head (67370). You should increase the pitch on the low blade and decrease the pitch on the high blade until the two blades track evenly.