8.3. Transmitter hand position

There are two basic ways of controlling the transmitter joysticks: either thumb and forefinger (sometimes called "pinch"), or thumb only.

If you have no prior R/C aircraft experience, then the preferred way to control the joysticks is by the thumb and forefinger method. This method allows the most precise stick control and sensitivity.

For the thumb and forefinger method, make the letter "O" with your thumb and forefinger and lightly pinch the tip of the joystick with the thumb and forefinger. The ball of the thumb rests on the corner of the controller for support and the tip of the pinkie lightly touches the side of the controller. You will need to place the controller on a table (or use a transmitter tray) to use this method because it will be difficult to support the controller while moving the joysticks.

The alternate method of controlling the joysticks is the thumb-only method. This method may be easier for people who have videogame playing experience because the hand position is similar to a Playstation joystick. In this method. the pad of the thumb is placed on top of the tip of the joystick, and the other fingers curl under the controller and hold it.