8.2. Special transmitter notes

8.2.1. Hitec Eclipse 7 with 90 CCPM

This is not supported directly by the transmitter, and must be done using programmable mixes. This was taken from the Ikarus Forums:

Quick guide on how to set up your Hitec Eclipse 7 for the ECO 8 using the stock 90 deg swash without the need for mechanical mixing.

First thing you need to do is set up your RX like this;

  • Channel 1 - Aileron. Left servo on swashplate.

  • Channel 2 - Elevator. Rear servo on swashplate.

  • Channel 3 - Throttle. Goes to the ESC.

  • Channel 4 - Rudder. Tail servo.

  • Channel 6 - Pitch. Right servo on swashplate.

Now we move to the TX. Use the manual to set yourself up a 180 degree swashplate helicopter.

OK, here is where we actually get the swash to work correctly. If you turn you RX and TX on (engine disconnected please) and increase and decrease the throttle you will see that the swashplate tilts back and forth. This is not desired behavior. What we need to do is get those pitch movements working on the servo on the back (Channel 2).

To do this we are going to use one of the Programmable Mixers on the TX. To do this we have to enter "Programming Mode", it is done like this;-

  1. Make sure your ECO's battery is disconnected and your TX is on (and your ECO is selected)

  2. Hit the first two buttons at the same time on the bottom left (Edit up and down, not Engine lock cut). The TX should now have something like EPA 100% on it.

  3. Hit the Edit up button (First button on the left) 6 times until you see PMX1 inh (stands for Programmable Mixer 1 Inhibit).

  4. Hit the Active/Inhibit button (Last button on the Right) the display will change and have a lot of junk on it.

  5. Select the Master Channel by hitting the Cursor Right button (4th button).

  6. Set the Master Channel to 6 by hitting the Data Increase button 5 times (5th Button).

  7. Select the Slave Channel by hitting the Cursor Right button (4th button).

  8. Set the Slave Channel to 2 by hitting the Data Increase button once (5th Button).

  9. Select the Mix Ratio by hitting the Cursor Right button (4th button).

  10. Select the Mix Ratio to 70% by hitting the Data Decrease button 30 times (6th Button, and you can just hold it down, you don't really need to do it 30 times).

  11. Turn on the mixer by switching the top right switch toward you. The screen should now look like this;-

  12. You're done!! Exit from Programming mode (first two buttons at the same time on the bottom left) hook up your ECO (engine disconnected still) and move the throttle, the swash should now move up and down smoothly.

    Some quick notes that may come in handy;-

    • You may need to reverse some servos.

    • Pitch and throttle curves must be setup now to complete the setup

8.2.2. Hitec Eclipse 7 and yaw rate gyros

The Eclipse 7 revo mixing seems to be based on the throttle curve, not the stick position. Therefore when flying a CP heli with a yaw rate gyro, you will need to configure a programmable mix to mix the pitch channel into the rudder channel.

8.2.3. Hitec Eclipse 7 bug

Some of the older Eclipse 7s have a firmware where if you pull the throttle down all the way, the throttle will go to 100% instead. This is very dangerous - if you are buying a used Eclipse 7 beware of this bug.

8.2.4. Futaba 7C bug

People have reported that setting the throttle timer to operate at part throttle will erase the channel 1 endpoint settings and set the right endpoint to zero.