Chapter 6. Support Equipment

Table of Contents

6.1. Pitch gauge
6.2. Blade balancer (optional)
6.3. Paddle pitch gauge (optional)
6.4. Prop balancer (optional)
6.5. Tachometer
6.6. Ball link pliers
6.7. Submini needle nose pliers
6.8. Battery chargers
6.9. Field battery (optional)
6.10. Field battery charger (optional)
6.11. Portable generator (optional)
6.12. Digital voltmeter
6.13. Transmitter tray

6.1. Pitch gauge

A pitch gauge is an absolute must for collective pitch helicopters. It is unlikely you will be able to properly setup your non-micro CP heli to hover without using a pitch gauge.

For microhelis, MJP Carbon makes a microheli main blade pitch gauge. It is available from DeeTee Enterprises.

Ikarus makes a pitch gauge specifically for the ECO 8. For other non-micro helis, Century Helicopter Products makes a decent pitch gauge.

Pitch Gauges