5.9. Battery connectors

Heavy-duty battery connectors are recommended to minimize power loss.

The following connectors work well for the Corona/ECO/Logo:

If you use the 4mm bullet connectors, you may want to use one male and one female plug on the battery otherwise you may plug in the ESC backwards, which will definitely damage it.

The Astroflight connectors are expensive but they are polarized and of extremely high quality and highly recommended.

These connectors may have some problems:

The Tamiya connectors do not handle high current well. They will become very, very hot when conducting large amounts of current. Unfortunately,these connectors are supplied with Corona kits. It is highly recommended to replace these connectors.

Some people do use Powerpoles or Sermos with helis, but evidently some ESC manufacturers are claiming these connectors have problems.

There has been a report of Schulze refusing to honor a controller warranty due to the usage of Powerpole connectors.

Also, Rumrunner Hobbies' webpage states:

"Lehner/BK warrantee does NOT Warranty (and is not limited to):... If Sermos, Powerpole, or Tamyia style connectors are used in the application."

Also mentioned:

"When connecting your new LMT controller to your batteries be sure to use Deans style connectors or 4mm Gold connectors (gold connectors are for racers only). Other connectors such as Sermos, Powerpole, and Tamiya connectors can NOT be used and WILL VOID your warrantee.

These style connectors have a tendency to arch (sic) and or spark as your vehicle is in motion. They also have a much higher resistance factor. If the connector does arch (sic) during operation of your vehicle it will short out the motherboard and render your controller useless!"