5.8. Wire

(The Corona kit does not need extra wire if using the Fusion 35, Pegasus 35, or Phoenix 35 controller)

The motor and battery wires are especially important on an electric helicopter. If the ESC to battery wire is too thin, then you may experience ESC shutdown problems when the motor is spooling up or the wire may become very hot.

If the ESC to motor wire is too thin, then the motor may stutter while the helicopter is in flight.

The following table lists the recommended wire sizes for various currents:

Table 5.3. Wire size recommended by current capacity

12 gauge41 amps
13 gauge35 amps
14 gauge32 amps
16 gauge22 amps
18 gauge16 amps
20 gauge11 amps
22 gauge7 amps

For an Corona, ECOs, and Logos, you will need good quality 12-14 gauge wire for the motor and battery leads. These wires will work well:

The 12 gauge is very heavy and only recommended for extreme flying and/or larger helicopters with high current draw (>30 amps). The 13 gauge wire should suffice for most types of flying.

For the Piccolos and Hornets, you will need good quality 20-22 gauge wire for the motor and battery leads. This wire works well:

Sometimes wire is sold as "square mm cross-section" instead of AWG. Here is a quick table for conversion: