5.4. Swashplate (Cyclic) servos

Torque, speed, and precision should be considered for swashplate servos.


All servos controlling the swashplate MUST be the same type. Do not mix servo types otherwise cyclic control will be erratic.

5.4.1. Corona/ECO 8/16 choices

The Corona works fine on HS-81MG servos, although some people choose to use the HS-85MGs for more torque.

The ECO 8/16 require a servo no taller than 1.1 inches, so this limits servo choices considerably.

  • JR 341 (0.22 secs/60 degrees, 32 oz-in)

  • JR 351 (0.22 secs/60 degrees, 32 oz-in)

  • HS-81 (0.11 secs/60 degrees, 36 oz-in)

  • HS-85MG/BB+ (0.16 secs/60 degrees, 42 oz-in)

  • GWS Micro 2BBMG (0.17 secs/60 degrees, 75 oz-in)

  • Futaba S3102 (0.22 secs/60 degrees, 63 oz-in)

  • Volz Micro-Maxx (0.16 secs/60 degrees, 55 oz-in)

  • Volz Micro-Maxx XP (0.16 secs/60 degrees, 66 oz-in)

  • JR DS368

5.4.2. Logo 10 choices

The Logo 10 uses servos from 1.1 inches to 1.3 inches tall, so it can use all the servos used in the ECO 8/16 except the servos with less torque are not suitable. Probably 42 oz-in of torque is a reasonable minimum requirement for a Logo 10.

  • HS-85MG/BB+ (0.16 secs/60 degrees, 42 oz-in)

  • JR 341 (0.23 secs/60 degrees, 42 oz-in)

  • JR DS368

  • Multiplex Micro BB?

5.4.3. Summary

I've been told the Volz servos are too deep to fit into the Logo 10 frame, so they are supposedly not usable for the Logo 10.

For the Piccolos, the most popular choices seem to be the Hitec HS-50 and the HS-55.

If you use ANY digital servos, see the BEC section for more info.

The HS-81s and HS-85BBs can be upgraded HS-81MGs and HS-85MGs by replacing the plastic gears with the metal gears from the MG version, which are available at many places (Servocity, etc).