2.3. Summary of helicopter sizes

This table summarizes the main size parameters of the helicopters in the preceeding section. AUW (All up weight) is in grams, Rotor Diameter is in mm and the Cell count indicates the "standard" configuration assumed by the manufacturer. A lot of people are using LiPo packs instead of the original NiCd or NiMh packs, but for the purposes of this table, the original recommendation has been retained.

Table 2.1. Helicopter Size Summary sorted by AUW

NameAUWRotor Dia.Cells
Hirobo XRB SR (Sky Robo)1951602S Lipo
Ikarus Piccolo FP (Fun)2805006-8 AAA
Century Hummingbird FP2805087-8 SubC
MS Composit Hornet FP2804907-8 AAA
MS Composit Hornet CP2804907-8 AAA
MS Composit Hornet II3305607-8 AAA
Ikarus Piccolo CP3305408-9 AAA
Maxir SE350-4206203S LiPo
Zoom 400/Shogun 400/Zap 4005006353S Lipo
ARK X-4005805883S Lipo
Align T-Rex 450X6506403S Lipo
Align T-Rex 450XL HDE/CDE620-6706403S Lipo
Ikarus Eco Lite11507606-8 AAA
Robbe Eolo R2212808108 SubC
LiteMachines Corona1250-15006106-8 SubC
Ikarus Eco 81300-150010606-12 SubC
JR Voyager E15009657 SubC
Ikarus Eco 162000120012-20 SubC
Mikado Logo 102500115010-14 SubC
Mikado Logo 203000+134020-24 SubC
Quick EP 10???880-95010-14 SubC
Quick EP 16???1060-108016-24 SubC