Chapter 1. Things You Should Know

Table of Contents

1.1. Helicopters require a SIGNIFICANT TIME COMMITMENT
1.2. Repairs are expensive
1.3. Hovering is difficult to learn

1.1. Helicopters require a SIGNIFICANT TIME COMMITMENT

R/C helicopters are not dynamically stable, and they require constant stick input. It's very similar to balancing a marble on a sheet of glass by radio control. In addition to this, the glass can be rotated which then rotates all the directions.

Therefore, it takes a lot of time to develop a good sense of balance and orientation. You will learn much faster if you can dedicate at least a half-hour a day to practicing on a flight simulator.

In addition, helicopters require significant amounts of time to build and isolate/fix various problems like vibration, tail wag, and other problems that will develop.

If you like building and tinkering with things for hours, and enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of learning difficult skills, then this is a great hobby for you.

If you don't like building and tinkering with things for hours and are easily frustrated by learning difficult skills, then you may want to consider another hobby.